Self-Sabotage and the Eating Season

Awareness is needed to stop the eating binge cycle of self-sabotage once it has started. With awareness, you will be able to step away, regroup your thoughts, and break the sugar-induced cycle of behavior.

Self-Sabotage comes in many different forms.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco. All of these are known to be addictive and can cause self-sabotage in even some of the most dedicated of people. And in my opinion… food can be as addictive as anSelf-sabotagey of the Big Three.

Ponder this: Up until the holiday season started (for some people that start on Halloween and for some Thanksgiving) you had been able to stick with your diets with some struggle. However, when your ‘trigger date’ arrived, you went into the day with the best of intentions, only to find that by noon or for sure by early evening you had eaten more food than you had in the previous week. Self-sabotage had reared it’s ugly head – yet again!

You vow that tomorrow you’ll get it together, but in the meantime, you went to bed with a stomach bloated with food and your head full of remorse.

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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway


From Chaos to Rebirth

Does a caterpillar feel the fear and do it anyway?

Chaos must happen before real change occurs. As much as the idea is really unappealing I understand the concept.

A caterpillar must spin a cocoon in order to change. Inside that cocoon, the caterpillar turns to mush and is rebuilt, using the same original cells it emerges as a butterfly.

If the caterpillar could think about the process that it has to go through do you think that it would be freaking out? Continue reading “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”

Motivation and The Sugar Monster

Are you having trouble with motivation? Is the Sugar Plum Fairy wrestling you for control of your eating habits?

If your scale had a voice, would it be asking, “Is that you Santa?”

Well…I do weigh more… but this year it’s only 2 lbs more instead of the usual 10 lbs that I add during the holiday season. And, I weigh 25 lbs less than last year at this time.

I have been calling the period starting on Thanksgiving Day and ending New Year’s Day the eating season.

I do seem to accept the fact that I lose motivation during that time period.

It starts innocently enough. I had control over my eating for several months. I wasn’t losing weight at a fast rate…but I also wasn’t gaining weight either.

The goodies started arriving fast and furious and I reasoned…what the heck, I’ll just have a taste.

Initially, I was successful with that approach. However, the next day, the same occurrence… I thought I’d just try what I considered to be the BEST treat.

Then the Sugar Monster, that had been dormant, reared its sweet head and came back to life. It kept asking for more sugar.

My brain started to rationalize (telling me ‘rational-lies’) that I can eat some more and then I can just get back on my diet after the holidays.

Ugh! My addiction, my obsession, with food and thinking about food became a constant companion. 

No surprise, my old way of thinking about dieting started to surface. The feelings of helpless, hopeless and being overwhelmed that usually accompany dieting were back. I’m so thankful I recognized what was happening!!

I thought about all I had learned when I successfully dieted. How I had made the conscious decision to make dieting easy. I began telling myself that I had not fallen off the wagon! that I AM THE WAGON…sure, stuck in the mud at the moment…but I will absolutely find my motivation and take control of this situation!

So, here it is the week after New Year’s Day and I’ve finally been able to get the motivation to string two days together without any sugar. It feels so good!

I’m feeling the control coming back. No longer do I cave into the call of chocolate chips and peanut butter (eaten directly from the spoon) and I’ve tossed out the remainder of the holiday snacks.

If you’re struggling to find your motivation start thinking about what triggers your overeating or binges. Is it sweets that get your Sugar Monster going? Or are you more of the Salty Monster? Whatever it is, remove the problem foods or snacks from your house. That will be the first step in winning your first couple of days back – after that, it gets easier!

2019 was a very good year from my health perspective and I plan on making 2020 even better.

So, if you’re still struggling with the Sugar Monster…

Time to get PO’d at the Sugar Monster and say, “Enough is enough!!”  Find your motivation, pick a diet plan that you’ve previously had success with and get started!

You can do it! I know you can! So, here’s to weighing less on February 1, 2020, than you do today…Cheers!

Peace & Love

Janna Lynn


Put the pieces in place to create a life

filled with Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Fun.

P.S. The following is a workbook that I’ve published. It is soon to be the subject of my very first course that I’ll be offering 🙂

The Fear Workbook – How to Stop Procrastination, Self-Sabotage, and Fear from Stealing Your Dream Goals

Self Sabotage Motivation
The Fear Workbook shows you how to recognize your inner critic’s voice, your personal dream stealers, and how to tame the inner critic so you finally can achieve your dream goals