Promises to Myself and Self-Sabotage

For instance…It is NOT okay to eat a quarter bag of chocolate chips in one sitting. It is NOT okay to share a whole bag of donuts with my granddaughter.

Why do you make promises to yourself and then let self-sabotage, fear, and/or procrastination steal your dreams?

What is it that slyly sneaks in and changes your mind?

Why do you sometimes feel helpless and hopeless?

I think that first of all you need to be aware that self-sabotage is going on.

In an article published by Adam Sicinski he explains what exactly is self-sabotage.

“Self-sabotage is any behavior, thought, emotion or action that holds you back from getting what you consciously want.

Self-sabotage is the conflict that exists between conscious desires and unconscious wants that manifest in self-limiting patterns of behavior.

Self-sabotage not only prevents you from reaching your goals but also plays the part of a safety mechanism that protects you against disappointment.

What this essentially means is that your brain is protecting you from getting hurt by doing what it thinks is best — which is to keep you within the confines of your comfort zone.”

You can read the entire article Do You Sabotage Your Own Success? Here’s How To Stop Self-Sabotage In Its Tracks!

I have been struggling with this the last few days. I had been very good about being able to control my eating.

But the last few days have had me breaking a lot of my dieting rules.

For instance…It is NOT ok to eat a quarter bag of chocolate chips in one sitting. It is NOT ok to share a bag of donuts with my granddaughter.

Well, if there is any good news at least the scale stayed the same…oh, but talk about water retention! Ughh!

Slipping back into my old habits can be easy if I don’t frequently remind myself that I Create My Life Today. That I am in control. That I promise myself to reach my goals.

I need to remind myself to repeat this to myself throughout the day…NOT just when the sugar monster is doing its dance.

Repetition and Reminding are how the Inner Critic changes.

Have something that you can keep in front of you that reminds you of your promise to yourself.

Peace & Love,

Janna Lynn

P.S. I am learning how to make mugs, shirts, jewelry, etc… I recently made this mug that reminds me of my promises to myself. 







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