***2018 Update further below**

I am a wife, mother of five grown children, and grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren.

Wealth ~ In 2012 I was newly unemployed. The paper mill I had worked at closed as a result of an explosion. It had been a very well paying job in this area. I didn’t have a formal post-high school education so I felt blessed to have worked there for 30 years.

It was because of the mill closure that I was able to pursue a lifelong dream. I had always wanted to own a business that I could run from home.

A little history. In 1983 I purchased information on starting an import/export business. That was back in the day of snail mail. I sent a few letters to China and got responses and opportunities to buy things to resell…I didn’t follow through.

Throughout the years I had tried many different Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunities… I didn’t follow through.

Once I was on the verge of buying a building that I planned to convert into an exercise club in but I literally called the realtor at the very last second to tell her I couldn’t go through with it. (I was shaking, sweating, feeling faint, and I swear I felt like I was having heart palpitations)… I didn’t follow through.

I invented a new way to make rugs. But no matter how successful I felt the opportunity or product could be I was never willing to commit to taking the next step.

There was something holding me back!!

Health ~ Struggling to lose weight has been my way of life for the past 25 years. Occasionally being successful but usually… not so much. In 2010 I was once again sick and tired of my constant battle with weight loss.

I was sick and tired of self-sabotaging my own efforts!

I asked myself why the heck is it so hard to lose weight and for that matter reach ANY goal I set for myself!!??

I began to examine how the brain works. How do habits start and how to change them? I read books about neuroscience and psycho-cybernetics.

 I created a technique from the very information I had been studying.

The technique has two parts. It is based on reminding and repetition. The second part is that I developed a way to train my subconscious the way one would train a puppy to do the right thing.

It honestly has the capabilities of changing ALL areas of your life. 

It consists of having physical reminders – my reminders happens to be a couple of rings that I had made at the local craft fair. One says, iCMLT, which is short for I Create My Life Today. The other ring has I Promise (heart) me. Also, I made stickers from the logo I created (see at the bottom. I have these on coffee mugs, my car dashboard, book markers, and a whole slew of other spots.

When I see the reminders it triggers the thought in my head that, “I Create My Life Today”.

I already had in mind what I want to create ~ so doing this was just reinforcing what I wanted so that I would take the right actions.

I would (and still do) repeat this dozens of times a day. Constantly reinforcing my goals.

I was very successful in losing weight with this technique…I wrote a book about it. I had the manuscript critiqued and was told that 70 pages wasn’t considered long enough to be a book (this was prior to the kindle phenomenon). I went into a period of disillusionment with the whole book writing process.

I lost sight of my passion and drive about sharing this information.

Life happened…menopause, sweatshirts, and baggy pants had now become a staple my wardrobe.

As I mentioned above…In May 2012 the paper mill where I worked for 30 years had an explosion and closed. In January 2013 I began 100% online classes for Social Media Marketing (4.0 GPA and made the President’s List:)). I became an Amazon seller in mid-2013. This business has done very well.

2017 is going to be a year of change in my life.

  • I will lose the thirty pounds that I have added since 2010.
  • I will share the thought processes and products I used to be successful, not only losing weight but creating a multi-seven-figure Amazon business.
  • The book which I so long ago wanted to share will be published this year.

***2018 UPDATE***

    • I HAVE lost thirty pounds!! I still want to lose ten more 🙂
    • The Amazon business has not slowed down.
    • I HAVE published The Fear Workbook.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1983284874

I am looking forward to sharing the technique that has and continues to change my life and to be able to help you reach your goals.

Peace & Love

Janna Lynn


Put the pieces in place to create a life

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