The Key to Success

Intentional LivingThere are 5 main keys to success. Once you become aware of them and act on them you can create a life you love to live.

Have you spent a lot of hours and plenty of money trying to learn how to create a successful life? I know I have.

When you were young did anyone tell you that you have to take responsibility for your actions?

Did this comment make you feel like you were being reprimanded? Like you might have done something wrong? I know that was the case for me but maybe I just had developed a guilty conscience when I was young.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized the full meaning of what taking 100% responsibility for my life could really mean!

“The cornerstone to creating a successful life is to take 100% responsibility for how you respond to events that happen in your life.

I had been reading Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles (How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be) when I read…

“You either create or allow everything that happens to you”.

At first, I just skimmed over it but then, something stopped me in my tracks and I had to go back and reread it a half-dozen times!

“You either create or allow everything that happens to you”.

WAIT! WHAT? REALLY? SERIOUSLY!? I had this light-bulb epiphany moment! You mean I can create anything I want? I had this gut feeling that I had just caught a glimpse inside a shadowed doorway of what my future could be like!

If that’s true what kind of life do I want to create? What do I want for my health, wealth, relationships, and fun? I grabbed a piece of paper and started sketching out my perfect future.

E + R = O  (Event + Response = Outcome)

I spent a lot more time learning about the life-changing principle of taking 100% responsibility for how I respond to the events that happen in my life. It’s called E + R = O  (Event + Response = Outcome)

But, what had sparked my huge interest is I understood I could use the same formula (E + R = O) to create a life I love to live.  I decided to put myself in charge of creating the events so I would know the final outcome. (Well, usually).

Since adopting this practice of intentionally creating my life I’ve built a successful e-commerce business, contributed to an Amazon best-selling book, and am the founder of I Create My Life Today (TM) a personal growth brand of digital and physical products.

So back to the magic formula of E + R = O. Below are some personal examples of how I use the formula.

Negative  E+R=O Examples

Event – Chocolate Brownies (LOL – Yes! Food is an event)
Response – Eat it! (But who stops at eating just one?)
Outcome – I feel like I’m out of control (plus my pants are getting snug)

E – Doing a ‘live’ video on FB
R – Fear keeps me from doing it.
O – My biz is stuck and my message isn’t getting shared

Positive E+R=O Examples to the same examples

E – Chocolate Brownies
R – I don’t eat them (I tell my brownie craving inner voice “Knock it off!”)
O – I am in control and my pants fit just fine 🙂

E – Doing a ‘live’ video on FB
R – I tell Fear to “BE QUIET” and do the video
O – My message about how to tame your negative inner voice/inner critic is getting shared

This formula has been proven to work for steering your life back on track or using the formula to create a life you love to live.

The five keys to success are
  • Knowing Who you really are. You’re a body with a Spirit.
  • Taking 100 % responsibility for creating a life you love to live.
  • Recognize then change your limiting beliefs and habits.
  • Get clarity of your life’s purpose so you can create the right goals.
  • Create your success roadmap.

I’m creating a post for each one of the five keys to success – so watch for more to be coming soon.

I Create My Life Today

There’s a community of women entrepreneurs that are intentionally creating their lives and businesses.  I Create My Life Today – Achievers is for confident introverted women entrepreneurs that are tired of limiting beliefs, procrastination, and imposter syndrome stealing their dream goals.

I teach how to tame your negative inner voice – that sneaky, snarky inner critic that keeps you in its comfort zone.

Until next time friends – create a life you love to live.

Janna Lynn
Founder – I Create My Life Today (TM)
I Create My Life Today



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