Taming Your Inner Critic

Your Inner Critic has become the master of your life – instead of you owning and directing your life.

Are you sick and tired of Inner Critic/Inner Voice talking you out of your goals?

In order to win this struggle, you have to decide for the last time that you are sick and tired of fighting this constant battle with Inner Critic. That you are fed up and you are not going to tolerate it one more day!

If you want to tame your Inner Critic, you need to be aware that it exists. You need to recognize Its voice and Its moods.

How It Works

From the moment you were born you and your Inner Critic/subconscious worked as partners. Your subconscious is in charge of making sure that your heart is beating, that you are breathing automatically, you digest the food you eat without any conscious thought to do so and so many other things. These are automated task that (thankfully) are well…automated.

However, goal setting and decision making DOESN’T fall into the “automated task” category. These are when your conscious decision-making needs are engaged.

You make a decision, create a plan, and take action.

You see, your Inner Critic learns things through Repetition.

For example, your Inner Critic knows how to drive the car so much so that sometimes you would arrive somewhere and not remember some of the drives.

It would be an incredible hassle if we had to think about every task that the Inner Critic takes care of. Your Inner Critic takes care of the day to day mundane repetitive tasks. That is how it should be.

Your subconscious/Inner Critic has learned throughout the years what It thinks you should be concerned and/or afraid of.

Watch out for the barking dog, it’s dark outside and there are creepy noises, and the mother of all fears – public speaking.

Your subconscious Inner Critic is designed to keep you in your comfort zone and when you attempt to try something new all the bells, whistles, and alarms will go off.

This will continue until Inner Critic convinces you that you really didn’t need to have whatever it was that you thought you wanted.

The subconscious/Inner Critic breathes a sigh of relief and You feel defeated – but safe.

Your Inner Critic has become the master of your life – instead of you owning and directing your life.

By catching your Inner Critic in the act you will be able to retrain your Inner Critic. You can have a conversation with your Inner Critic and let It know that you understand that It is uncomfortable. You will be able to reassure your Inner Critic that everything is okay.

And then go ahead and do it even though you are afraid.

Initially, this will take near constant reminders to your Inner Critic. But soon it will become comfortable with the new way of being.

Repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition…

You and only you have the ability to create your life.

Peace and Love,

Janna Lynn

Put the Pieces in Place to Create a Life of

Health, Wealth, Wisdom, and Fun.





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