You vs. Inner Voice or Who Is In Charge Here Anyway?

Stop self-sabotaging your weight loss goals. Stop arguing with your inner voice. Stop the endless You vs. Skin Suit fight.

Are you tired of self-sabotaging your weight loss goals? Are you tired of arguing with yourself? Are you sick and tired of the same old weight loss advice? Low calorie, low carb, points, protein shakes, etc.

The truth is that you will lose weight by following the rules of any one of the plans that you choose.

Did you catch that? Following the rules? Why is it so hard to follow the rules? Why do you feel such strong resistance to change? You want one thing but your Skin Suit wants something else.

baby-155178_640 (1) Resistance: A good example of recognizing Skin Suit’s voice: You have (once again) puchased the newest diet plan and have decided that this is finally the one.  You are determined to follow the diet guidelines exactly.

Off you go for the day full of determination. You no sooner get to work and someone mentions that there are donuts in the break room. Your Skin Suit starts nagging on you that you should really go get one before the good ones are all gone. You are determined to follow your diet. Your Skin Suit starts acting like a naughty toddler in the candy aisle at the grocery store. You can actually feel the temper tantrum going on in your brain!

You cave in to Skin Suit’s persistent nagging and eat the chocolate covered custard filled delicious morsel. Yummmm. But what happens immediately afterward or even while you are still eating the doughnut? Remorse. Failure. “I will never be able to do this!”

Control: You have to put You in control of your Skin Suit.  After all, your Skin Suit houses the REAL YOU. Your Skin Suit is just a vehicle that You get around in during your lifetime. Have you ever considered who the real YOU is? Who is looking out from the physical eyes? I believe your Spirit is the Operator of your Skin Suit.

The awareness that there is a separation between You and Skin Suit will allow you to be the Owner of your life. With this knowledge you will be able to understand what is happening within your operating systems. This step is the beginning to understanding self-sabotage.

Take a moment to try this awareness activity. Read this through first and the try it. Then ask yourself Who was doing the seeing and breathing?

Close your eyes. Now look at the blackness behind your eyelids. Feel the air moving in and out of your nostrils. Feel the You that is becoming aware. Feel the emotions you are having. Just be quite and observe the essence of who You are.

By becoming aware of the separation there is between You and Skin Suit you will be able to retrain your Skin Suit. You can train Skin Suit into becoming a willing participant in creating your life instead of it resisting your efforts to change.


Janna Lynn




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