No Longer A Secret ~ My Book Revealed

I’ve had a book inside of me for over ten years. I’ve saved it on multiple different computers, flash drives, and printed PDFs. I feel it is now time to publish it.

I am sharing the introduction with you so that you will understand that I’ve been there and done that. I was the biggest scaredy cat when it came to talking to anyone! It didn’t matter if it was over the phone or in person. I wanted nothing to do with it!

My hope is that you too can stop self-sabotage, fear, and procrastination. It is one of the most freeing feelings that I know.

Introduction ~

It was 2012. I was newly unemployed. The paper mill I had worked at for thirty years closed as a result of an explosion. It had been a very well paying job for this area. I didn’t have a formal post high school education so I felt blessed to have worked there.

It was because of the mill closure that I was able to pursue a lifelong dream.

I had always been searching for a way to bring in extra money. In 1983 I purchased information on starting an import/export business. That was back in the day of snail mail. I sent a few letters to China and got responses and opportunities to buy things to resell. But I never followed up with any of the leads.

I tried many different Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunities. But I never could get myself to talk to anyone about the products I was representing. I was petrified at the thought of it.

I was on the verge of buying a building that I planned to convert into an exercise club, but I literally called the realtor at the very last second to tell her I couldn’t go through with it. (I was shaking, sweating, feeling faint, and I swear I felt like I was having heart palpitations).

I created a new way to string rugs. I thought this would finally be the thing that would allow me to make money. But I didn’t follow through with that idea either.

I could never commit to taking the next step on any project that I started.

There was something holding me back. Some fear that would grip me and throw my totally off my plans, goals, and dreams.

Thankfully, in my constant search for life’s success secrets, I found a book that really spoke to me. Jack Canfield’s’ The Success Principles.

I was only a few chapters into the book when I read something along the lines that my choices create my life.

My very first response to that was (seriously), Ah…DUH, who doesn’t know THAT?

That statement has been around forever and, to me, has always been used to refer that perhaps I wasn’t making the right choices ~ you know…like your parents trying to educate a young mind.

I read a few more sentences but I just couldn’t get that statement about how my choices create my life out of my head. Then it hit me like a bomb! I had one of those ‘light bulb, eureka, aha moments! Truly an epiphany!


I started thinking that, IF MY CHOICES CREATE MY LIFE, WHAT KIND OF LIFE DO I WANT TO CREATE? I recognized that it is my choice; from this second forward, what kind of life do I want to create? What is it that I want spiritually, what do I want in my relationships, finances, my career, and my physical body?

The questions started pouring into my mind like a flash flood. What do I really want to be doing with my life?

I have always wanted to be able to maintain a decent weight. I have always wanted closer relationships with my friends and family, I have always been drawn to understanding how and why things in life are the way they are. And of course, I have always wanted a home based business that would supply enough income that so my family could be secure.

All these questions needed answers!

Getting in my head…

In the past, I had tried to analyze why I would fail at my business endeavors. Why couldn’t I make myself follow-up and complete anything that I started? Is there a spiritual problem, a mental problem, stress, or just plain old lack of motivation?

Who said that?

I became interested in Psycho-cybernetics; it is the science behind understanding how my thoughts create a physical reaction in my brain?

Also, taking it one step further, where do my thoughts originate?

Who is that voice in my head and where is it coming from?

I became really aware that I am a Spirit with a body, not a body with a Spirit. I had heard this phrase since I was a child, but I never before considered what this phrase meant. The saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” definitely applied.

An inner awareness was becoming present. Who was looking out through my physical eyes? Who was observing from the windows of my soul? Who was talking?

What was the Spirit all about? How could I learn to listen to the Voice in my head? A Voice that has been with me my whole life, and with me not knowing or realizing the power that It has to create an incredible life.

A Presence that if listened to can teach, guide, and reveal to me the answers I need to solve any issue.

I finally understood that the Me that I hear in my head and the Me that is looking out of my eyes is the co-creator of my life. My Spirit. My Inner Voice.

…But there is another voice…the voice of the Inner Critic. The subconscious. This Inner Critic continuously attempts to keep me in the comfort zone that I had previously set up for myself.

This is the voice…the voice of the Inner Critic that this book is written about.

Here is a link if you would like to get a free guide that explains how to Train Your Inner Critic ~ Your Inner Voice ~ so you can finally Stop Self-Sabotage, Procrastination, and Fear.

Peace and Love

Janna Lynn

P.S. This free guide explains the thought process I used to build a seven-figure on-line retail business.

P.S.S This is where you can get access to some of my favorite inspirational products

Promises to Myself

For instance…It is NOT ok to eat a quarter bag of chocolate chips in one sitting. It is NOT ok to share a bag of donuts with my granddaughter.

Why do you make promises to yourself and then let self-sabotage, fear, and/or procrastination steal your dreams?

What is it that slyly sneaks in and changes your mind?

Why do you sometimes feel helpless and hopeless?

I have been struggling with this the last few days. I had been very good about being able to control my eating.

But the last few days has had me breaking a lot of my dieting rules.

For instance…It is NOT ok to eat a quarter bag of chocolate chips in one sitting. It is NOT ok to share a bag of donuts with my granddaughter.

Well, if there is any good new at least the scale stayed the same…oh, but talk about water retention! Ughh!

Slipping back into my old habits can be easy if I don’t frequently remind myself that I Create My Life Today. That I am in control. That I promise myself to reach my goals.

I need to remind myself to repeat this to myself throughout the day…NOT just when the sugar monster is doing its dance.

Repetition and Reminding are how the Inner Critic changes.

Have something that you can keep in front of you that reminds you of your promise to yourself.

Peace & Love,

Janna Lynn

P.S. I am learning how to make mugs, shirts, jewelry, etc… I recently made this mug that reminds me of my promises to myself. 







The Sugar Plum Fairy & the Sugar Monster

If your scale had a voice, would it be asking, “Is that you Santa?”

Well…I do weigh more… about 10 lbs more!!! 

It started innocently enough. I had control over my eating for several months. I wasn’t losing weight at a fast rate…but I also wasn’t gaining weight either.

Then the eating season arrived. For me that is the period starting on Thanksgiving Day and ending Christmas Day evening.

and I reasoned…what the heck, I’ll just have a taste. I was successful with that approach. The next day, the same occurrence… I thought I’d just try what I considered to be the BEST treat.

I did, then the Sugar Monster, that had been dormant, reared its head and came back to life. It kept asking for more sugar. My brain started to rationalize (telling me ‘rational-lies’) that I can eat some more  and then I can just get back on my diet after the holidays. My addiction, my obsession, with food and thinking about food became a constant companion.

So, here it is the day after Christmas and I have weight to lose.

My old way of thinking about dieting started to surface. The feelings of helpless, hopeless and being overwhelmed that usually accompany dieting were back. THANKFULLY, I recognized what was happening!!

I thought about all I had learned when I successfully dieted. How I had made the conscious decision to make dieting easy. I reviewed my plan and began telling myself that I had not fallen off the wagon! that I AM THE WAGON…sure, stuck in the mud at the moment…but I will absolutely do what is necessary (review my well thought out blueprint) and take control of this situation.

So let’s do this together…I’m not waiting till January 1, 2017 to regain control!  I’m doing it NOW!!  Time to get PO’d at the Sugar Monster and say, “Enough is enough!!”  Pick a diet plan that you’ve had success with in the past (for me that’s Atkin’s) and get started!

Here is to weighing less on Jan 1 2017 than you do today…Cheers!

Peace & Love

Janna Lynn


Put the pieces in place to create a life

filled with Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Fun.

Food Addictions And The Upcoming Eating Season

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco. All of these are known to be addictive. Have you ever considered that food can be as addictive as anChocolate candyy of the Big three?

Ponder this: Up until the holiday season started (for some people that starts on Halloween and for some Thanksgiving) you had been able to stick with your diets with reasonable ease. However, when your ‘trigger date’ arrived, you went into the day with the best of intentions, only to find that by noon or for sure by early evening you had eaten more food than you had in the previous week.

Vowing to get it together starting the following day…you went to bed with a stomach bloated with food and your head full of remorse.

The following day you woke with a gnawing hunger and wonder how that could be because you had eaten so much yesterday you should still be full. You’re determined to get back on track.

You step into the kitchen and see the remainder of the goodies on the serving plate…and unbelievably, you swear you can hear them calling your name!

With very little resistance you take 1/2 a cookie…hmmmm, still tastes pretty good. Then, almost without thought, the rest of the plate is consumed. Once again, remorse and regret step in to keep you company. You ask yourself, “How am I ever going to get back on track?”

What has happened here is a clear picture of how addicting sugar and refined carbs can be.  They constantly are playing with your body’s digestive system and its chemistry. Sugar is known to increase the naturally occurring ‘feel good’ drug, dopamine, in the brain.

This starts off a very simple vicious circle. Sugar is ingested – dopamine (and blood sugar) goes up (hyperglycemia). As your body produces more insulin than is necessary to process the sugar your body creates a low blood sugar -low dopamine- (hypoglycemia) condition in your brain. Your brain says…MORE SUGAR!  Unless you realize that this chemical reaction is taking place in your brain and body and recognize the cycle that has started, you reach for your next sweet.

A large percentage of doctors and researchers feel that sugar and refined carbs aren’t addictive. I beg to disagree. With only the knowledge that I have read about how the body reacts when sugar is ingested, and analyzing how my own body reacts when I eat sugar and refined carbs, I know they are addicting. Once I start eating sweets I can’t seem to stop until the plate is empty!

The easy solution to avoid the addicting tendencies of sugar and refined carbs is to avoid foods that contain them. This will stop your blood sugar (glucose) from swinging from high to low which results in cravings.

However, if you do decide to eat them, research has shown that if they are consumed along with a higher fiber containing food, digestion slows, resulting in a steadier blood sugar level.

Awareness is needed to stop the cycle once it has started. It is necessary to be conscious of what is taking place in your brain and body. With awareness, you will be able to step away, regroup your thoughts, and break the sugar-induced cycle of behavior.

As you go into the Eating Season remember that I Create My Life Today. Start each morning with that realization. Make a plan ~ decide what you are going to do before temptation comes knocking.

Peace & Love

Janna Lynn


Putting the pieces in place to create a life

filled with Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Fun.

What to DO After the Vision Board

It has been my experience that my inner voice acts like a teenager when I’m not focusing on achieving my goals.

You have heard the phrases, “Out of sight ~ Out of mind” and “When the cats away the mice will play” haven’t you?

Usually, that or something similar is thought by teenagers when their parents leave for vacation. Time to party and do a bunch of crazy stuff. beer-414914_640

It has been my experience that my inner voice acts like a teenager when I’m not focusing on achieving my goals. 

If I’m on a diet my inner voice starts insisting that I eat some ice cream or chips & dip.

If I neglect practicing how to do social media, creating affiliate links, and sourcing physical products my inner voice tells me that it can wait until tomorrow (and we know tomorrow never comes ~ because tomorrow will be today).

All of this brings me to the real topic of this post…

Vision Boards & REPETITION

Vision boards. I love both the digital & physical versions of vision boards. A vision board inspires me to dream of the things that I am want to do, be, and have.

I spend time getting in touch with how I want my perfect day/year/life to be. I really do get into the feeling of having it now. My heart sings and I feel that I can literally do anything I choose.

The problem with my vision board is…

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Stuck in The Mud – But Not Off The Wagon

I decided instead that I AM THE WAGON moving steadily forward.

Reaching Your Goals Using R & R

You can cut, glue, and, paste all kinds of wonderful pictures to a piece of tag board but unless you take some kind of action you will end up with just a bunch of wishes hanging on your wall.

Aaaah good old R&R. I never seem to get enough of it.

But this post isn’t about the Rest & Relaxation type of R & R. It is about a cousin of sorts.

I’m talking about Remind & Repetition. That is how I’m working on achieving my goals.

Neuroscience (don’t worry I’m not going scientist on you) says that in order to create a new habit you need to frequently remind yourself of what you want.

Making a vision board is the first step to creating your future reality. You have to actually spend time thinking about what you really want. Then you capture those ideas on either a physical or digital (or both) vision board. That board is then placed so you can see it several times a day.

Making dream boards or vision boards are inspiring, motivational, and dang it…just kinda fun. Continue reading “Reaching Your Goals Using R & R”

You vs. Inner Voice or Who Is In Charge Here Anyway?

Stop self-sabotaging your weight loss goals. Stop arguing with your inner voice. Stop the endless You vs. Skin Suit fight.

Are you tired of self-sabotaging your weight loss goals? Are you tired of arguing with yourself? Are you sick and tired of the same old weight loss advice? Low calorie, low carb, points, protein shakes, etc.

The truth is that you will lose weight by following the rules of any one of the plans that you choose.

Did you catch that? Following the rules? Why is it so hard to follow the rules? Why do you feel such strong resistance to change? You want one thing but your Skin Suit wants something else.

baby-155178_640 (1) Resistance: A good example of recognizing Skin Suit’s voice: You have (once again) puchased the newest diet plan and have decided that this is finally the one.  You are determined to follow the diet guidelines exactly.

Off you go for the day full of determination. You no sooner get to work and someone mentions that there are donuts in the break room. Your Skin Suit starts nagging on you that you should really go get one before the good ones are all gone. You are determined to follow your diet. Your Skin Suit starts acting like a naughty toddler in the candy aisle at the grocery store. You can actually feel the temper tantrum going on in your brain!

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